By Jim F., a Dietblog blogger

I enjoy the taste of straight espresso, and have been through seasons of drinking a couple of double espressos each day.

However, I have learned that under times of stress - it is time to cut the caffeine out, and give my body's adrenal system a rest.

There is much argument as to whether there is such a thing as a caffeine addiction. However - caffeine dependency is very real, and it can be very difficult to wean yourself out of the habit.

Tried and Tested

These tips are not fluff intended to fill up a web page - but real techniques that I have used on three occasions of high stress.

I was able to completely stop drinking caffeine for a month or so while I sorted out my sleep patterns and addressed the stressful situation. Once I was completely healthy again I would begin enjoying a single daily espresso. That may seem counter-productive - but under normal circumstances I have no problem with moderate caffeine intake and enjoy the bitter taste of coffee.

Note: These tips could also help those who feel they have an allergy to caffeine.

Here are some tips that I have found extremely helpful when it is time to stop drinking coffee.