Founded in 2002, F-3 Technologies, Inc. is a software innovator focused on creating specialized social networks for groups ranging from homeowners associations to music fans. Their flagship products stand as evidence of their commitment to revolutionizing the way people interact, manage their businesses, and take back the ownership in generating money from the valuable content they create. F-3 Technologies, Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The Company’s products include Interaction Community Systems™. This is an online tool for homeowners associations and other member groups. F-3 Technologies also provides Interactive Defense System™ for police and other municipal departments. They also offer FargoTube™, an online distribution and social-networking platform.

Interaction Community Systems™ is a user’s one source to manage their communities’ online needs. They can instantly update member directories, accept member payments, pay vendors, and more.

The Interactive Defense System™ is a web-based on-demand Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) system. It integrates a city’s website with a multi-directional communication tool that instantly connects a city’s leadership, public safety departments, and the residents they are sworn to protect and serve.

Interactive Defense System™ consists of two integrated social and professional networking components: HeroSpace™, for use by all municipal government departments; and Community Watch, for residents. These components connect via the IDS Safety Center, which delivers this multi-directional and instant communication channel to connect all users in a way that is unavailable anywhere else today. Interactive Defense System™ offers the tools and technology to bridge the gap in communication between all groups.

Today, F3 Technologies, Inc. announced that their FargoTube™ online entertainment platform has launched a strategic partnership with Music2Q. Music2Q is a service that connects independent musicians with potential licensees in the film, television, and video-game industries.

FargoTube™ ( is an online distribution and social-networking platform that’s free to musicians, record labels, filmmakers, and other content owners. It allows them to upload their music and videos, build a fan site, sell merchandise, and connect with their fans through a central service.

FargoTube™ is a social media platform that hosts one’s video content on their own branded social media “tube”. It allows them to profit by setting up subscription-based delivery of their programming, e-stores, and pay-per-view options. It is all free of charge to the provider.

“Fragmentation in the music industry means that artists have to be scrappier and more business-savvy than ever before,” F3 Chief Operating Officer Paul Campbell said. “FargoTube and Music2Q are both essential platforms to help musicians create sustainable careers, and our new partnership will be extremely valuable for both companies and for the artists we serve.”