Most of us don't think too much about our underwear. Maybe for a

special occasion a push-up bra or a pair of silk boxers, but other than

that, who gives undergarments much thought? Well the women at Romantika

Lingerie, a luxuriously up-scale undergarment boutique, aim to change

that mindset.

The brainchild of partners Sasha Tsupina and Kate Gordin, Romantika

Lingerie offers a unique shopping experience by combining a European

feel with top of the line lingerie. Romantika Lingerie aspires to

inspire women of all ages and any size to really understand and

appreciate what a difference luxury lingerie makes.

Romantika Lingerie presents clients with a wide array of ultra premium

luxury lingerie lines including Lise Chamel (which features French

hand-embroidered lace), Comet Italy's finest, Barbra, Aubade, Wendy

Glez, Ruby Pink, Arianne, John Galliano, Valery, Blush a more

affordable line, Mary Green, and Carol Malony, both of which are trendy

California brands.

To truly understand Romantika Lingerie, the importance of a fabulous

piece of lingerie must be paramount. At Romantika Lingerie they explain

how that perfect undergarment can really make a difference in how a

woman feels. When a woman feels good underneath here outer cloths she

looks good and that comfort comes from knowing she looks great in her

underwear. Romantika Lingerie has trained experts and Sasha and Kate

offer personal fittings in their boutique to ensure that the proper fit

and style is as individual as each and every one of their clients. An

intimate and personal touch is what Romantika Lingerie provides to each

of their clients.

La Sensualite a Fleur de Peau (Sensuality on the Surface of Skin) as

they say at Romantika Lingerie, and with that they hope to bring a

little luxury to every woman.