The Republican Presidential debate sponsored by the Tea Party turned into a spicy bickering on Monday night as candidates took on each other for various issues ranging from treason to lack of manliness, leaving the campaign contributors confused with their judgments.

While Congresswoman Michele Bachmann caught the spotlight for a number of times during the debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry seemed to be on the defensive. What made Perry come under fire was the concern related to issuing an executive order for young girls to be vaccinated against HPV.

During the debate, the eight GOP presidential candidates did have a lively set of arguments related to jobs, Social Security, healthcare, immigration and various other topics.

According to recent Gallup Poll, Perry is the choice of 35 percent of the Republicans and GOP-leaning independents. Bachmann and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney were the choice of 14 percent of Tea Party supporters.

Take a look at the 2012 Republican Presidential candidates in the Tea Party Debate on Monday night.