Facebook has one up on Apple in the recent polls, unfortunately the competitive category is less than flattering.

According to the latest issue of GQ magazine, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been named the worst dressed among a group of 15 other Silicon Valley CEOs. Coming in second was Apple's Steve Jobs. The ranking is among the various publications listed by magazines such as GQ, Vanity Fair, and Esquire.

Though the world may look to Silicon Valley leaders as pioneers in the realm of technology and not fashion, it was interesting to see GQ magazine's take on the CEO's of tech. In the article, here was what GQ had to say about Zuckerberg's taste in fashion,

"Oblivious to the fact that jeans and ties come in skinny sizes -- or that suits exist -- the father of Facebook (and we do mean father) loves to recycle the fresh-from-Stats-class look. Zuck's style is so poor, it even inspired a mock fashion line, Mark By Mark Zuckerberg, which thankfully doesn't sell any actual clothing," the GQ article said.

The magazine didn't stop there. It continued to victimize other tech giant bosses like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ben Huh, and Craig Newmark. Here's what GQ had to say about Jobs.

Apple releases an iPhone every 0.5 seconds. Steve Jobs never gets an upgrade. The Svengali's self-inflicted uniform (black turtleneck, dad jeans, Seinfeld kicks) rival Superman's in its homogeneity-a style blunder no AutoCorrect can fix.

And for Bill Gates,

"Curious how Harry Potter will age post-Hogwarts? When you're Scrooge McDuck rich, a snazzy ensemble isn't tops on your to-do. Rather than swag out in Armani suits, Gates takes the lazy preppy approach, opting for a drawer full of V-necks in every hue."

Earlier this year, Zuckerberg was also honored with the worst-dressed award in Esquire magazine.

Check out the top 10 outfits that earned him the award for 2011.

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