Mark Zuckerburg may have impressed the TIME Magazine to take home the title of the Person of the Year 2010, but Facebook CEO has invited the critical eye of the Esquire magazine, which has named him one of the worst dressed men of the year.

Zuckerburg has landed in 'The 2010 Celebrity Style Hall of Shame' of the U.S. men's magazine alongside celebrities like Robert Pattinson, Russell Brand, Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Westwick and Nick Cannon.

We've already discussed the Facebook muppet's sartorial choices at some length. Hell, we even suggested him as a stylish Halloween costume. But just to reiterate: no matter how much money you have or how many people's secrets you hold in your digital palm, you cannot show up to a black-tie event in a t-shirt and jeans and expect to be taken seriously, the magazine commented on Zuckerburg.

Prescribing The Suggestion, the magazine said, You just gave a hundred million to Newark's schools. Would it kill you to throw a couple thousand to, say, Zegna for a couple of nice suits? Even Bill Gates wears a sport coat, for chrissakes.

The 26-year-old's wardrobe is predominantly casual. He is always spotted with a T-shirt, mostly accompanied with jeans. The colors of his clothes are generally limited to the black, grey and white region of the spectrum. He is often spotted wearing a pair of laid-back black and white sandals.

The founder of the social networking site rarely changes anything in his dressing even for black tie events. One such essential in his wardrobe is the zippered sweatshirt. He was once even spotted wearing a gold tie with a North Face sweatshirt.

In the recent interview on 60 Minutes, Zuckerberg spoke to Lesley Stahl on slacker-chic fashion portrayed on The Social Network, the movie based on his life and birth of Facebook.

I think that they got every single T-shirt that they had the Mark Zuckerberg character wearing right. I think I actually own those T-shirts. And they got sandals right and all that, he remarked in the 24-minute interview.

From boxers, to the grey T-shirts he is spotted wearing almost all the time (even on the 60 minutes interview) and the sandals - Zuckerburg's style statement screams comfort. Another prominent personality from the tech world who applies the minimalist style statement is Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

However, Esquire did not think much of Zuckerburg's choices.

Even if you are the next M.Z., and your ideas will change the world as we know it, you still have to meet those angel investors face-to-face. And they'll take you more seriously if you're wearing the right kind of jacket, the magazine said in The Takeaway.

Zuckerburg was the only celebrity from the tech world to be named in the Hall of Shame, dominated by names from the entertainment industry. Other exception on the list was that of Rush Limbaugh, the American radio talk show host and conservative political commentator, who was criticized heavily for his choice of ties.

A little subtlety in your tie choices could do wonders for that reputation of yours. Sartorially, at least, the magazine suggested.