Facebook launched its Skype-based video calling app on Wednesday. It's a pretty impressive product and work of engineering because it's just so easy to use.

But the code revels that the social networking giant ready to launch a music service.

Tech blogger Jeff Rose claimed on his blog Life is a Graph, that he has uncovered a new Facebook service, possibly referred to internally as “vibes” and it could be related to the company’s rumored music service.

Jeff Rose was curious exactly how the service worked was it using his Skype client he had already installed or new code? So he began downloading the code.

He found that the .jar file uses LiveConnect to let the Java applet communicate with the browser. The code also requires your Facebook user ID and an application ID to formulate a signed request to download the application.

The interesting thing to note is that the installer supports two applications:

    if (paramString.equals(com.facebook.peep))

      return this.window.getMember(VideoChatPlugin);

    if (paramString.equals(com.facebook.vibes)) {


      return this.window.getMember(MusicDownloadDialog);

One is called “Peep,” which is related to the video chat client and other is called “Vibes” which is an unannounced feature that has yet to be released.

Rose said the plugin points to a page called MusicDownloadDialog and might be the beginnings of a much whispered about Facebook music service.

Last month Forbes reported that Facebook might be planning a music service based on European music streaming startup Spotify. On other hand, Spotify announced Wednesday that it will soon be available to U.S. users.