Facebook has officially launched its Messenger for Windows 7 which is free and easy to download. The Messenger desktop client eliminates the need to open the browser and log into the Facebook site.

The client is quite useful because one can chat with his Facebook friends while watching videos or taking notes. One of the advantages of Facebook Messenger is one can also enjoy the instant messaging service without being disturbed by the news feed.

Facebook Messenger has been released only for the Windows  platform (Windows 7). The Windows Vista and Mac version will be released soon. The iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android mobile users already have access to the Facebook Messenger app.

The app enables to chat with friends and get the updates in ticker and notifications quickly. It allows chatting with individual friends but chatting with multiple friends and video call features are yet to be implemented. If any update appears and if the user clicks on it, then he will be directed to the browser.

As the user switches to the Facebook Messenger, the news ticker appears on the window. It shows the friends updates, photos, videos and comments. One can undock the app by clicking and dragging the sidebar further. The client can be moved anywhere on the computer screen.

Windows 7 users can download the Facebook Messenger here.