Facebook is scheduled to launch something awesome on July 6, but hasn't divulged what exactly it is. Will Facebook term the something awesome as 'Facebook+' in order to compete with Google+?

Meanwhile, speculation is circulating that Facebook will launch a new video chat product powered by Skype that works in browser.

However, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg is clearly disturbed with Google's foray into the social networking by Google+ launch, which looks remarkably similar to Facebook in terms of aesthetics and could pose as a threat to Facebook's dominance.

Another speculation is growing immensely that the upcoming announcement may be a long-awaited Facebook app for Apple Inc.'s iPad and a specialized app for photo-sharing on the iPhone. A rumor suggests another Facebook phone apart from the social phones launched by INQ and HTC.

Another rumor by TechCrunch is about a new photo-sharing Facebook app. The blog recently said that it had a 50MB file of images and documents on an app from Facebook that would let users share photos. It would be a separate app built especially for photo-sharing.

There are some fans who expect Facebook to launch a news aggregator site similar to Google, but contains only those news shared by users of Facebook, apart from a tie-up with Microsoft's Bing. But some fans expect Facebook to compete with Google by launching another separate search engine altogether.

There has been speculation that Facebook might launch a software app, which can be installed in a computer or laptop or tablet or mobile device, wherein the user can get instant notifications similar to the SMS notifications. The only restriction is that Internet connection is required.

But others are expecting Facebook to launch video chat in the site, so users won't miss seeing there friends or family even if they are away from home. Certain people are expecting Facebook to come up with ideas on free e-mail, shopping search, books, documents sharing, and reader.

So what will Facebook launch on July 6? And will Facebook term the something awesome as 'Facebook+' to compete with Google+? It remains to be seen on Wednesday.