Facebook conceded 600,000 of its more than 1 billion logins each day are compromised as it released two new security features to help solve the problem.

The social-networking giant, with more than 750 million users worldwide, shared the data through the following infographic in its blog post.


Facebook has launched two new features - Trusted Friends and App Passwords -- as part of its efforts to enhance user security.

Facebook locks a particular account if it finds any suspicious activity in that account. Trusted Friends allow users to nominate three to five 'trusted friends' to be sent login codes if a person is locked out of their account.


It's sort of similar to giving a house key to your friends when you go on vacation--pick the friends you most trust in case you need their help, the blog post said.

Facebook also said that now members do not have to use same logins for accessing various third party apps via Facebook. This is especially helpful if a user has opted into Login Approvals, for which security codes don't always work when using third party applications.

How to set App Password? Go to Account Settings, then the Security tab, and finally to the App Passwords section.  One can generate a password that a user won't need to remember. The user can just enter it along with their email when logging into an application.


We are adapting and responding to new threats everyday and will continue to roll out new ways to protect your account, Facebook said in its blog post.

Other interesting facts from the infographic are - an average Facebook user has 130 friends and users spent 700 billion minutes per month on the site.