This is not the first time. This is just another weekend of fast-spreading scams on Facebook, like always. This time, the big promise is of a leaked video where Casey Anthony is confessing to her lawyer.

Casey Anthony was recently acquitted of the charges of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Calyee.

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Facebook Scam



The case that gripped America obviously had scammers taking good advantage of the opportunity for their own financial benefits.
Once the user makes the mistake of clicking on the links spreading across Facebook like wild fire, the user is taken to a different site.

A window appears that asks the users to share the video with friends and family on Facebook before watching it themselves.

The user is ultimately taken to a fake YouTube page, designed just to trick you into taking a survey that earns commission for the scammers.



Facebook Scam



For the scammers, more traffic to the survey page means the more money they could make.

Obviously these scammers do not possess any such video of Casey Anthony confessing to her lawyer.

Eventually the page will take you to the news link of Casey Anthony being acquitted of the charges.

Now if you got hit by this scam, you know what to do.

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