Along with other altered features, the Facebook Timeline allows users to upload a large vertically elongated photograph at the top of their profile, known as the cover photo. If this seems inconvenient for some users, they might be in luck. Today design website Aviary launched a service that allows Facebook-surfers to custom crop photos to fit perfectly in Timeline's constraints.

The browser-based photo editing service launched an app in Jan. dedicated to fulfilling Facebook-related needs, and the new Timeline feature is an extension of that app. The website guides users through a step-by-step process, with a crop tool that includes a custom option titled Cover Photo. The page boasts that users can perfectly cut out your own cover photo!

Excitement about the new feature has already spread around the Twitter atmosphere, with tweets such as:

Here's a crop tool designed specifically for the Facebook Timeline cover photo, one user posted along with Aviary's link.

An Easy Way to Crop Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo, wrote another.

Tweets like these cluttered the feeds today, as brand pages on the recently public social networking site are gearing up for the change. Last week executives briefed on the company's plans said that business oriented pages could see changes this month, but no hard deadline has been confirmed.

There is still no confirmation on whether or not the switch to Timeline will become mandatory for users. The company was rumored to require the change last month, but some profiles remain in the previous state.