Facebook topped one trillion page hits in the month of June, Time Magazine's Techland blog reports.

The views came from 870 million unique visitors worldwide, significantly more than the approximately 750 million total accounts. The discrepancy may come from non-Facebook members visiting the site from other links or through traffic on search engines, the blog notes.

Youtube came in second place with 790 million unique visitors, but the number of page hits was significantly less than Facebook, totaling only 100 billion page hits. The only other site with more than 100 billion hits was Baidu, a Chinese search engine garnering 120 billion hits.

Data provided by Google's Ad Planner show that Facebook was the most visited site in the United States, with 130 million unique visitors per month and over 300 billion page views. Yahoo came in second place with 110 million.

Here is a list of the top 10 most visited websites in the month of June, according to Ad Planner. The number of unique visitors are in parenthesis. Google sites were excluded from the totals.

1. Facebook.com   (870 million)

2. Youtube.com (790 million)

3. Yahoo.com (590 million)

4. Live.com (540 million) 

5. Wikipedia.org (460 million)

6. Msn.com (450 million)

7. Blogspot.com (370 million)

8. Baidu.com (310 million)

9. Microsoft.com (280 million)

10. Qq.com (250 million)