As the clueless devastated survivors of Joplin look out for help, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have stepped in. They are keeping the people of Joplin posted about the the rescue operation taking place, what the survivors need and what they don't, informing them about the tornado warning system, and whether another storm is expected or not.

Identified as Neil, one person drove 40 miles from Arkansas with supplies coordinated on Facebook and delivered to shelters in Joplin.

A lot of the coordination happened on Facebook where people posted what they were looking for and other people worked out where to meet to put supplies together. Individuals here in Arkansas read the lists, went to the supermarkets to buy things like fresh water and nappies and then drop them off with people who were taking them to Joplin, he said.

Talking about the difficulties he faced while going to aid the people of Joplin, he says, It's not easy getting into Joplin. Many parts of the roads are blocked and there are crews working on parts of the road too. People seem to be coping, but when I was there it just kept on raining and there was still lightning in the sky. They are under flood warning and they still keep working.