Facebook has confirmed that the site has fallen victim to another phishing attack following this mornings complaints from users that said they noticed a suspicious link that popped up on the site.

If you receive an email like check ponbon.im, check 121.im or check 151.im, just delete the email and DO NOT click the link, because it may compromise your account too, give you viruses and may even delete some of your friends.

If you happened to have already visited one of those pages and don’t use a secure browser, along with an updated antivirus software, you risk to get infected and the virus will use your account to infect others. Be sure to update your operating system to the latest version and install the latest security updates.

Facebook later released this statement:

This is a phishing attack. We’re well aware of it and are already blocking links to these new phishing sites from being shared on Facebook. We’re also cleaning up phony messages and Wall posts and resetting the passwords of affected users. We think this is related to the fbaction.net/fbstarter.com campaign of a couple weeks ago. You can read more about how we respond to phishing in our recent blog post here: http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=81474932130 .

This has not been the first time the site has been under attack - earlier in March, there was the Koobface worm - and it seems it won’t be the last.