Yesterday we covered how you can enable the Facebook's hidden iPad app. Many claimed the hack worked and activated the iPad-friendly version of Facebook app. The problem is the app won't let you log onto Facebook.

As reported by Techcrunch, it appears Facebook has blocked the access from the hidden iPad app.

We're hearing tons (as in hundreds) of reports that users who are just now getting around to checking out the trick are unable to do so. The iPad-friendly app still launches - you just can't do much, as newcomers are being turned away at the login screen.

Oddly, it seems that those who managed to sneak in to the party before Facebook started closing the gates are still on the guest list.. to some extent.

I know some of you are eager to try out the Facebook iPad app before its official release. Thanks to the jailbreak community. A developer has developed a hack called FaceForward that fixes the logon issue and re-enables you to access Facebook using the hidden iPad app.

How to Use Facebook's Hidden iPad App

So, what you need to do is first follow our guide to edit a plist property to enable the iPad app of Facebook. Then simply launch cydia and install FaceForward.

Once you completes the installation, you should be able to launch the iPad version of Facebook and log on with your account.

If you're eager to test out the secret iPad app, be quick and act now! Otherwise, Facebook may have another way to block the access again.

Let us know if the hack works for you. Also leave us comment and share your thought about the Facebook's iPad app.


The original post was published here: FaceForward Fixes Login Fail Issue of Facebook's Hidden iPad App