Kraft Foods Inc posted its offer document to Cadbury Plc shareholders on Friday outlining its cash and shares takeover bid.

Here is how the process will play out under the 60-day timetable according to UK takeover rules:

DAY 1 (Dec 4) - Kraft's formal offer document posted to Cadbury shareholders.

DAY 14 (Dec 17) - Last date for Cadbury to publish its views on the bid, known as the Defence Document.

DAY 21 (Dec 24) - First closing date, the minimum period for which an offer must be open.

DAY 39 (Jan 11) - Last date for Cadbury to publish new information such as profit forecasts, asset revaluations or dividend forecasts.

DAY 46 (Jan 18) - Last date for Kraft to raise its offer.

DAY 60 (Feb 1) - Date by which acceptances have to be in to count towards the 50.01 percentage which Kraft will need to win.

Also last date for a new bidder to enter the fray. Entry of a new bidder would push the timetable clock back to zero.

(Compiling by David Jones and Victoria Howley; Editing by David Holmes)