width=283Now that summer is officially over, fashion trends are shifting with new colors and materials for fall. A plethora of pink, red and purple shades are prominent with particular emphasis on fuchsia and lavender. Another color that seems to be blanketing the landscape in sunny glory is yellow. Finally, classic fall shades of orange and brown are also working their way back into style.Candy-colored gemstone designs are always a fun and easy choice to add a dash of color to an outfit. The Jane Taylor earrings pictured here are available with a variety of gemstones; favorites for this season include rose de France, rubellite tourmaline, lemon quartz, and citrine. With the option of matching rings and pendants, Jane Taylor earring designs are a lively and flexible choice.

Bold rock crystal gemstones are another popular choice as evidenced by Ginnifer Goodwin's dazzling necklace at the Emmy awards ceremony. These gorgeous stones offer massive gem fashion for a very reasonable price-point. H.Stern's Cobblestones collection features a variety of rock crystal designs crafted in their distinctive 18k noble gold. From Rings to bracelets and necklaces, these bold pieces are right on trend.