Bethesda continues to tout the success of the company’s mobile game “Fallout Shelter,” as the title has had over one billion gameplay sessions since its official release. The game itself was a surprise to many mobile gamers, as the title received no hype prior to its release.

The game’s developer posted an infographic on the main Bethesda Blog, where fans can see just how well the mobile game is doing. Along with the one billion gameplay sessions, the graphic also shows that over 85.3 million vaults have been made since the game was launched in June. Overall, mobile gamers have spent more than 29 million hours playing “Fallout Shelter.”

Other numbers displayed by Bethesda are also quite interesting. Apparently, there have been 119.5 million fires that have been caused by the player since “Fallout Shelter” launched, in addition to 20.9 million deaths in the game’s wasteland. To balance out all the destruction, there have also been 80.2 million babies that were born in the vaults of “Fallout Shelter.”

More interesting are the numbers that the game’s revenue has been making, which GameSpot stated is over 5.1 million, generated in the game’s first two weeks. “Fallout Shelter” was released for Android devices on Aug. 13.

It is interesting to see a companion app like “Fallout Shelter” doing so well, considering that the highly anticipated “Fallout 4” will be released in November. The game promises to be one of the biggest roleplaying games (RPG).

Fans of the “Fallout” games, who have not tried out the companion app, can download “Fallout Shelter” for both iOS and Android devices. The app should tide fans over until “Fallout 4” gets released later this year. “Fallout 4” will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, with a number of pre-order bonuses available for those who are overly excited about the game.

Fallout Shelter - Announcement Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)