False Twitter rumours claimed David Beckham died in a car crash. Picture - Reuters.

On Wednesday, Twitter went abuzz with worried fans expressing their grief after a false story sparked rumours saying ace footballer and celebrity David Beckham died in a car crash.

However, it is nothing more than the latest in a series of hacks trending over the social networking site Twitter. 

There is no official confirmation of the news, although that hasn't stopped sites from speculating. Extraordinarily, certain unaccounted-for reports have gone further to state details of the unconfirmed crash. 

Twitter had numerous tweets quashing the rumors, while most reacted angrily to whoever is behind the story although the more gullible tweeters expressed fear and grief. 

It is beleived that David Beckham's name initially trended following a promotional campaign for his cologne with in the Elen Degeneres show, wherein he dressed up as a salesman selling his own perfume, before propagandists spread these false rumours.

This is the latest in a long line of twitter hacks, following rumours of Sarah Palin's fling with Glen Rice.