The Internet has become essential in helping people get discovered for their talents. Justin Beiber landed a record deal with Usher after being found on Youtube, and singer Dondria was able to release an album after So So Def Recordings founder Jermaine Dupri saw a video of her singing on the site. 

But YouTube is no longer the only place to video-share and possibly gain fame. 

FameTube, founded by Bryan Cornelius, in Savannah, Ga., is a website that is dedicated solely to promoting undiscovered artists. It has already generated thousands of users in just eight months. They have monthly contests take place providing even more exposure as the site encourages people to vote for the videos they like to make sure only the best videos end up on their page.

"In 5 years, I picture FameTube as the premier platform for helping talented artists receive the exposure they need to get discovered. A website has yet to come along and become that go-to place for discovering talented people. YouTube's probably the most relevant but that's not the purpose of YouTube. Not to mention, you're a "needle in a haystack" when you upload your video on there. So, I think there's a huge void in this market that if successfully tapped, can result in a major player in the internet world," Cornelius said in a recent interview with the website Killer Startups.

With millions of page views and nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter, FameTube is quickly becoming an extremely successful internet startup. Notable followers include rap rock band Gym Class Heroes, rapper Paul Wall, hip hop magazine 'The Source,' and alternative rock band Third Eye Blind.

The site has already earned many fans. "Amazing website! No more going through the non-talent to get to the REAL thing. Just the time and effort that is put into the individual videos shows the level of talent these folks have. Can't wait to see what's next!" said user fpower.

When asked why FameTube has become so popular so quickly, Cornelius said, "FameTube is an oddity! There isn't a site (that I know of or can find) that's similar to FameTube. I think that's why we've generated a large fan base in such a short time."