eDoorways Corp. today announced that media and television personality, Amy Hadley, is set to host and emcee its October 1st launch event. Amy’s is known for getting involved and interacting with people, unscripted. Whether it’s engaging in a difficult urban discipline, firing .45 Colt revolvers from horseback or swinging high above the ground on a trapeze, Hadley brings fun and excitement to any event.

“Whether Co-hosting ‘Austin City Limits Backstage Pass,’ being the live reporter for the ‘News 8′ Austin’s Morning live show, or occasionally filling in as an anchor for the network, Amy Hadley is a face everyone knows in Austin,” commented Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation. “My job and that of our technology teams is to deliver a highly compelling demonstration of what may become the web’s first true ‘real-time’ platform. Keeping the audience smiling, laughing and motivated, especially an Austin crowd, can only be accomplished by one of Austin’s favorite women. I know Amy is going to bring such a spark and commercial appeal to this event, eDoorways will be the benefactor of her brand well after the unveiling of ‘SOLVE.’”

Jennifer Hoffman, a national television and media personality, will also be on hand bringing her own dynamism to the event. Jennifer has reported for NBC News, OK! Magazine and “Good Morning Arizona” on KTVK, co-hosted “Destination TV” on ABC, has appeared on a multitude of national shows including Oprah & Friends and has sat across the board room table from Donald Trump on “The Apprentice.” Now, as the face and main anchor of QualityStocks News, Ms. Hoffman will work the room during the “SOLVE” unveiling gala in Austin, TX, bringing news of the event straight to the investing community.

While some believe the event itself will not have an impact on the success of the “SOLVE” demonstration, the exposure eDoorways is receiving within Austin has significantly increased the possibilities of the company signing up hundreds of businesses prior to a fully functional version of the platform being released. Adding Amy Hadley’s charisma and familiarity, the possibilities of the company’s exposure and appeal to the people of Austin, if even for just this event, has increased greatly.

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