Not everyone finds Family Guy funny, but Monday night's Screams of Silence episode that made play of domestic violence issues was deemed by most as wholly inappropriate.

The episode, which aired on Halloween, featured Quagmire's sister, Brenda, who came to town after suffering from constant abuse from her boyfriend. But as far as most  Family Guy episodes go, any violent scene is accompanied by a joke, and this episode was no exception.

It starts when Jeff, Brenda's abusive boyfriend, doesn't understand a Jay Leno joke so he hits her.  Then, when Lois expresses his concern about Jeff: She's still with him? Isn't he the one that beats her? to which Peter replies, Yeah, but she's gotten a lot better.

While the show was not necessarily advocating that domestic violence was ok, and the cast did proceed to take Jeff to the woods to kill him, but the fact that the victim was poked fun at  made lite of a deeply serious and sensitive issue.

They made fun of the victim more than they made fun of the assailant, Wendy Walsh, co-host of The Doctors explained. The main theme of the show was about this poor 'stupid' woman who was too dumb to leave her relationship. And domestic violence is far more complicated than that. We're watching someone rationalize a domestic violence relationship and this is the kind of thought process that actually goes on in real life. It's not satire anymore, she said speaking on Showbiz Tonight.

Jezebel's Whitney Jefferson also criticized the show, saying it had hit an all time low. Personally, I'm way beyond being offended by the show - I've long been numbed to shock-value offensiveness - and had stopped watching years ago anyhow. But being a sucker for Halloween-themed episodes, I tuned in to Fox's animation domination comedy block last night. What I saw was seriously awful, she wrote in an opinion piece.

Twitter responses to the episode:

Dave_in_SoPo David Tilley

I totally didn't get that last episode of Family Guy. There's nothing funny about domestic violence.

DrWendyWalsh Wendy Walsh

#Family Guy satirists missed the mark when they took aim atdomestic violence. My take on #Showbiz Tonight:

Kimli Kimli

Um, this family guy is incredibly not funny. lol domesticviolence? No thanks.

OhCarissa you know its me

if you're looking to the Family Guy to educate folks on the effects of domestic violence you need to be beaten