The death of a Florida A&M marching band drum major last week is leading to possible legal actions coming from multiple sides.

The parents of the drum major, Robert Champion, are filing a lawsuit against the school, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Meanwhile, band director Julian White, who was fired in the fallout following Champion's death, is threatening to sue as well, according to the Tampa Bay FOX affiliate.

It is suspected that hazing may have played a role in the 26-year-old's death. According to the FOX affiliate, a letter written by White's attorney says that the director worked for years against hazing.

Since Champions death, there have been multiple reports that parents complained to the school about the hazing going on in the band, according the Sentinel.

The FAMU marching band is famous in the world of collegiate bands. They were invited to perform at the parade following President Barack Obama's swearing in in 2008.