20th Century Fox has released a new “Fantastic Four” TV spot to get fans even more excited about the upcoming movie. The spot opens with the introduction of the “four extraordinary subjects”: Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic (Miles Teller), Johnny Storm / Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan), Susan Storm / Invisible Woman (Kate Mara), and Ben Grimm / The Thing (Jamie Bell). It further shows Storm showing off his abilities as Human Torch as his whole body lights up with fire and he's seen throwing fireballs at a car. Richards can be seen jumping in a room and Susan can be seen pushing away the buildings by generating force fields.

The spot ends with Grimm turning into the rock-solid form of The Thing. He can be seen falling from the sky as Human Torch flies in the air.

“Fantastic Four” is the reboot of the "Fantastic Four" film franchise. Josh Trank has directed and has also written the screenplay with Simon Kinberg and Jeremy Slater based on the comic book “Fantastic Four” by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. It concerns four people who are teleported to an alternate universe where their physical abilities are enhanced. They should learn to use their abilities to protect the world from a friend-turned-enemy.

Teller, who leads the cast, really believed in the vision of Trank and that is one of the reasons he joined the film.

“Josh Trank had done Chronicle, and I thought he did a really great job with that, without a lot of money, so give him a lot of money and see what he can do. Once we started kind of compiling the cast, I knew Michael B. Jordan was attached to it, because we were filming a movie together at the time he was attached to it, so that was intriguing to me. Then...Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, all actors I watch and respect and admire,” he said to Digital Spy.

Toby Kebbell also stars in the film as the main villain, Victor Domashev / Doom, an anti-social programmer. Other cast members include Reg E. Cathey and Tim Blake Nelson.

“Fantastic Four” opens Aug. 7, 2015.