Hi again everyone,

No analysis this time, just a heads-up: we’re oFF FF! Yeap that’s right, we’re dismissed :) Starting tomorrow you won’t be able to read our articles & analyses on ForexFactory. Personally I think that’s for the best… You already know us and we most likely know you, we can work together just as well without any intermediaries. All you have to do from now on is to sign up for updates directly from our website & receive our articles hassle-free: http://fxinstructor.com/eng/resources/commentaries.php.

I haven’t been around FF as long as our colleague Matt Carniol (by the way Matt, I was truly impressed with your dedication & perseverence in publishing your high quality articles over the years, keep up the great work! :-) ) but I did notice that sometimes on ForexFactory people lose sight of their objectives, judge excessively & unjustly and in general simply prefer having a good dispute with a so-called “competitor” rather than hearing the guy out & see what he has to say… It is because of this that some of us (i won’t say ALL) got a lot of out-of-the-hat fade votes & outspoken hostility simply because our last name happens to be FXInstructor. I was not offended, neither did I respond to any such provocations which simply turn me away from my work & my objectives. FXInstructor is not about that… I believe that the quality & integrity of our work speak for themselves & therefore no other answer is needed except our views on the market – that’s what most of you are here for anyway. If you haven’t already, I invite you to pay us a visit in our Live Trading Room & see for yourselves who we are, how we analyze the charts & how we trade the market.

Regardless of our relationship with FF (or lack of it starting now), I want to thank all of you FF traders who generously voted for us, sent us feedback & in general put your trust in us over the last years. I invite you to participate in our FXInstructor community & continue to actively share your thoughts & comments with us all. There are a lot of free resources for you to check out, a lot of events (free courses, Live Trading Room, guest speakers, etc) available every week, a great forum with REAL traders, lots of new & exciting news coming up with the arrival of our new website format. In one word – we’re a vibrant community of traders sharing the goal of trading together successfully, learning from each other & having fun while inevitably spending time in front of the charts :-P

So, goodbye ForexFactory readers, wherever you are… And welcome to FxInstructor.com! ;-)