Cristin Milioti is trading in her yellow umbrella for a snow shovel. According to reports, the “How I Met Your Mother” star, who portrayed the show’s iconic matriarch, has been cast in Season 2 of the critically acclaimed FX miniseries, “Fargo.”

Deadline reports that the 29-year-old actress will take on the recurring role of Betsy in the upcoming installment of Noah Hawley’s drama. TVLine added that Betsy has been described as a “pretty but firm woman of the plains," who could jump-start a car, make a casserole and “clean a gun as well as the gutters.” Milioti will star alongside the show’s main characters Patrick Wilson (“The Conjuring”) and Ted Danson (“Cheers”) in the 10-episode second season. This year the story will take place in Sioux Falls, SD and Luverne, MN, in 1979 -- nearly three decades before Season 1 took place. Wilson will portray Milioti’s husband in the new “true crime” case, taking on the younger version of Lou Solverson, a State Police Officer while Danson will act as Rock Country Sheriff Hank Larsson, Betsy’s father.

Other celebrities set to star in the Emmy winning TV show are Kirsten Dunst ("Spider-Man") and Jesse Plemons ("Break Bad") ,who will portray a husband and wife in the “exciting” new installment. “[Season 2 is] about a small-town married couple who find themselves caught in the middle of a war between the last of the mom-and-pop crime syndicates and an out-of-town new corporate crime syndicate,” the creator dished to Entertainment Weekly. “It’s about how the couple manages that situation.”

Hawley went on to admit that the “scope of storytelling this season is a lot bigger -- thematically, on a character level, and story-wise.” Although the upcoming installment will hold onto the “Fargo” tone, “it has more of an epic feel to it.”

“My feeling was that Joel and Ethan never repeat themselves, so the show would be false if we just tried to do the same thing again. We should take their example,” he told EW. Some of those changes include the growth of the major characters, the introduction economic recession and warmer weather! "It’s going to get to spring on us, but I think that’s interesting to see. I think it’s interesting to see what happens in the region and how it changes and if it can still be 'Fargo' if it’s not the icy tundra," Hawley revealed.

Season 2 of “Fargo” is set to premiere in fall 2015.