The feud between reality-television star Farrah Abraham and award-winning rapper Nicki Minaj continues. The pair first exchanged words through Twitter Sunday when the "Anaconda" rapper commented on Abraham's personality as it's portrayed on MTV's "Teen Mom OG." Abraham, 24, caught wind of the negative comments by Minaj, 33, and fired back, but it appears she's not done yet.

TMZ reported the mother of one had a few more choice words for Minaj. Abraham told the publication she no longer allows her daughter, Sophia, to listen to the rapper's music. She added that her 6-year-old is also banned from watching Minaj's music videos because they have caused an increase in young girls "asking for butt injections and wanting to color their hair crazy." Abraham also said she felt Minaj crossed a line when she called her a "c---" via Twitter.

"She's dead to me ... that mess," Abraham said before adding that Minaj should shift her focus toward her "rapist brother."

Minaj has not yet responded to Abraham's latest dig in which she refers to an ongoing legal case involving her older brother, Jelani Maraj. He has been charged with raping a minor on multiple occasions. He was arrested in December and later released on a $100,000 bond, which Minaj paid. He appeared in court Dec. 10, although the outcome of the hearing remains unclear.

At the beginning of the feud, Minaj made a comment about Abraham's "Teen Mom" portrayal, telling followers she thought the young mom was "a c---" to her mother, Debra. Fans immediately chimed in, bashing Abraham. One joked about a particular incident in which she was slapped by her daughter. Minaj retweeted the crack, adding, "she was like b---- go do some porn & leave gramma [sic] alone."

Abraham took a screenshot of Minaj's tweets, indicating she couldn't understand her struggle because she's not a parent. She added that Minaj's "videos look like porn" and called her "negative." Minaj replied, telling her to stop being disrespectful to the woman who birthed her on television. Abraham fired back and suggested that she was seeking attention.

Read a couple of their heated tweets below: