Redmond O'Neal, the only son of American actress Farrah Fawcett remained in jail as her mother died Thursday from cancer at age 62, Fox News reported.

Redmond O'Neal,24 -Fawcett's son with longtime partner Ryan O'Neal- was told in jail about the actress' death by a chaplain and received counseling from him, a representative of the Los Angeles Police Department told Fox News. Redmond was doing all right, the rep said.

Ryan, friend Alana Stewart, hairdresser Mela Murphy and her doctor Lawrence Piro were at Fawcett's side when she died, People Magazine reports.

Fawcett's family did not request for Redmond to be released from jail when his mother was near death, the network reports citing the LAPD representative.

“As of right now, there has been no request to release Redmond so he remains in jail,” the representative was quoted as saying according to Fox News Thursday.

Redmond O'Neal has been jailed since April 5, when he was allegedly caught with heroin.

The actress battled cancer for three years. In September 2006, Fawcett began to feel over exhausted and she was diagnosed with anal cancer.

The actress starred in the TV series Charlie's Angels. Her beauty and body shape were outstanding and a poster of her wearing a red swimsuit sold a record of 12 million copies.

Watch the clip below as a memorial to Fawcett: