When some of the biggest companies in the food industry started lining up in support of food safety legislation that is now going through Congress, it helped ensure uncharacteristically rapid progress, and was lauded by consumer groups as a solid step in the right direction. Skeptics were quick to point out, however, that the latest version of the bill would do little to affect procedures for these larger companies, and would simply put increased pressure on their smaller competitors to get up to speed. Nevertheless, it’s seen as a win for the American public in the face of a string of food recalls and contamination scares, and represents the biggest change to food regulation in decades.

Perhaps the biggest winners are companies like Micro Identification Technologies, who are in the bacteria identification business and specifically target the food industry. The legislation calls for a number of upgrades in inspection policy, plus gives the government the authority to issue mandatory recalls, a power it has not had before.

Any increased pressure on the food industry is seen as a boost for Micro, which offers the only automated bacteria identification system in the world, the MIT1000. The system uses reflected laser light and complex pattern recognition software to quickly identify harmful bacteria wherever it occurs. The speed and cost savings represented by the new technology is seen as perfectly timed for the current safety and cost conscious environment.

Although the U.S. is considered one of the safest places in the world to buy foods, the sheer volume of food being processed and handled has led to a growing number of food recalls. There are now recalls every month, some minor and some posing serious health risks. One of the biggest problems is that the food is often out the door and into the hands of consumers before the problem is spotted. It’s one of the things that has spurred companies like Micro Identification Technologies to focus on developing faster ID processes that are easier to implement and are cost effective. The new legislation is seen as making the demand for products like this greater than ever.

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