A 25-year-old man Christopher Erdman fired gunshots at Shannon Lawrence, a student at Kennessaw State University, in the parking lot of an Alpharetta Wells Fargo Bank in the presence of their children, Emma (almost 3) and Peter Erdman (almost 1), Sunday, before driving the three of them to Northside Hospital Forsyth where the mother later died from wounds to her head and neck.


The 25-year-old Lawrence, bleeding from gunshot wounds, was placed in the back of Erdman's truck, while he went to a relative's home to drop off the children and then proceeded on his way to the hospital.


The police received a call at approximately at 2:02 pm from a man who heard gunshots from a church nearby. When the police arrived at 15780 Birmingham Highway, they found an abandoned vehicle with shell casings and blood on the ground. As the police was searching for the registered owner of the car, they received a call from the hospital staff. By the time they reached the hospital, Lawrence had already died.


Erdman and Lawrence, never married, used the parking lots around Birmingham Crossroads in Milton to exchange custody of their children. Erdman is a resident of Cumming while Lawrence lived in Canton, though they lived together in Forsyth County.


The exchange was supposed to take place at the parking lot of a nearby Publix instead. However, in violation of an April 1 temporary consent order, Erdman requested the location to be changed to the more hidden Wells Fargo parking lot. According to Lawrence's lawyer McLaughin, Erdman also refused paying child-support to Lawrence and did not abide by the requirement of visiting Lawrence's children only when the grandparents are present with him.


On May 20, 2011, Lawrence informed the Cherokee County Superior Court that she felt unsafe because of Erdman's harassment and abusive behavior towards her. Lawrence had requested the court to revoke visiting priviledges from Erdman and to put him behind bars.


Lawrence was studying at Kennessaw State University, with hopes to enter into its Nursing program. Peter, the younger of the two children, will spend his first birthday this Thursday with his mother dead and his father Christopher Erdman arrested in Fulton County Jail without bail.


Erdman is awaiting the June 20 preliminary hearing on charges of murder, felony murder, aggravated assult with a weapon, cruelty to children, tampering with evidence, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. The murder weapon is yet to be found.