A survey studying the revolution of American dads showed that among the dads that were surveyed, 80% said Mother's day gets more attention than Father's day.

Today's men are taking more responsibility and are proud to be great dads, with 89% of the men surveyed thinking they are good fathers. 70% of new dads also said they feel more fulfillment since becoming fathers and 59% say they are better fathers than their own dad.

The study was conducted by ManoftheHouse.com, an online resource for dads from Proctor and Gamble Productions and Barefood Proximity. 350 male household heads who have at least one child under 18 were contacted in April 2011 and asked to take a survey about fatherhood and Father's Day.

The survey found that a good number of the men are doing as much as, or even more, than women around the house.

60% of men claim to share equal responsibility for childcare; 43% spend as much time cleaning toilets, floors and loading dishwashers as their spouse; and 33 percent spend equal time cooking and doing laundry.

On top of the above mentioned chores, the majority of the men also manage traditionally male household responsibilities such as automotive (78%), household (63%) and yard (69%) maintenance.

The men also said that among qualities they found important and excelled in are: spending time with their children (49%), spending time with their spouse (26%) and looking after their children (26%).

Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and relationship expert, said
This study continues to debunk myths about what a man really is.

As women's roles outside the household are expanding, men's roles inside the household are expanding.  Men are once again expressing who they really are -- energetic, caring, contributing, available dads.  It's time to enjoy and recognize that. 

Father's Day celebrates and honors fathers, fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Father's Day in 2011 falls on June 19.

Happy Father's Day to all great dads out there.