A section of the roof in FC Twente's De Grolsch Veste stadium in Enschede collapsed on Thursday afternoon, killing one person and injuring 16.

There was no match being played at the time, but redevelopment work for the stadium was ongoing. Construction workers were trapped beneath the wreckage as two beams, supporting the roof, buckled resulting in the collapse of the section. The reason as to why the beams buckled is still not known.

Everyone involved with the construction team has been accounted for, but the police are continuing investigations in order to find others who may have been at the site when the incident occurred.

Government spokeswoman for the city of Enschede said, There are 14 people injured and unfortunately there is one fatal injury, in addition to the 14 injuries. Ten people were treated in hospital and two of those people were severely injured. The exact nature of the injuries I cannot tell you at the moment.

We do not have many details at the moment. The only thing we can say is that we have quite a big situation. Part of the tribune has collapsed, so we have some people beneath it and we have got some people (police officers) there at the moment,' a spokesperson said. 'We can't say any more about what is going on because we have had no contact from our people from our station who are there at the moment

When asked about the possibility of people still being trapped, the spokeswoman replied, Everyone is out to our knowledge. People are still searching with dogs and specialist camera teams, but that is as an extra precaution, a double-check.

FC Twente, in a statement on their official website, said, During the renovation work at the Grolsch Veste the roof of the building collapsed. Our thoughts are with everyone involved.

The club have since cancelled their friendly against Zeeuws Elftal on Saturday.

The redevelopment of the stadium was being carried out as a part of the club's plan to increase the capacity of their stadium to more than 30,000.