The U.S. Federal Communications Commission unanimously approved on Tuesday a summary of the agency's national broadband plan, that aims to expand access, increase Internet speeds and shift airwaves to mobile services.

Details of the plan were released on Monday and it comes as the Internet increasingly delivers everything from telephone service to movies, music and banking services.

The blueprint has been sent to Congress, which requested the report as part of the economic stimulus bill enacted in February of 2009.

Congress will consider whether to introduce legislation to enact portions of the plan, including giving the FCC more power to auction some of the airwaves now used by broadcasters.

The plan is also expected to spawn a series of rulemaking actions by the FCC.

All five FCC commissioners voted to approve the plan's mission statement.

Congress was right. We need a broadband plan, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said at an open meeting. We must act and will act with an urgency that meets the moment.

(Reporting by John Poirier; Editing by Tim Dobbyn)