The Food and Drug Administration says there is no relationship between a drug called angiotensis-receptor and risk of getting cancer.

The announcement is a follow up of study published in Lancet medical journal in June 2010 which said patient who took the medication had little bit more chance of getting cancer.

The FDA's finding was based on a review done by the agency that began in July 2010; right after the study was published. The review specifically looked at 31 randomized controlled trials that compared those taking with those not taking angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) to determine the incidence of cancer.

The drug is already taken by millions of people globally by patients whose suffering hypertension, cardiovascular problems and kidney diseases.

The medication is currently sold under brand names as Diovan, Micardis, Cozaar, Benicar and Avapro.

High blood pressure (HBP) is a serious condition that can lead to coronary heart disease (also called coronary artery disease), heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, and other health problems.

About 1 in 3 adults in the United States has HBP. The condition itself usually has no symptoms.