U.S. health officials have cleared a hair-combing consumer laser product to treat baldness in men, the manufacturer said Thursday.

Lexington International LLC, said that a study it conducted - and subsequently submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug administration - concluded that 93 percent of participants using the 'HairMax LaserComb had an increase in the number of thick hairs.

Laser hair therapy is the talk of the hair restoration industry today, said Lexington Managing Director David Michaels. And not only were the results of this study extremely significant, but with the credibility of the FDA clearance, we are soundly positioned to make a substantial impact in the emerging hair restoration industry.

The company says this is the first non-drug treatment for androgenetic alopecia, or baldness, approved by the agency.

Over the course of a 26-week study, the company says the number of thick hairs per square centimeters increased by 19 hairs

The Boca Raton, Fla.-based company says the product should be used between 10 and 15 minutes three times per week.