Get ready to be infected by the zombie virus. “Fear the Walking Dead” is still a few months away, but AMC is treating fans to quick glimpses of the terror to come. The latest piece of information released about “The Walking Dead” spinoff comes in the form of a teaser video and promo poster.

The teaser trailer is short, clocking in at a quick 10 seconds. However, those 10 seconds are put to good use. In the video, viewers can see that California is in a grim state. Missing posters and vigils are set up, and parks are empty as lead characters Madison (Kim Dickens) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) drive by. But the most chilling moment comes at the 0:04 second mark. Fans can see a dark figure walking in a park. His movement his stiff and slow … potentially giving viewers their first look at the zombies in “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Meanwhile, the network has also released the promo poster for San Diego Comic-Con. The artwork for “The Walking Dead” was released last week and teased a potential showdown between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Morgan (Lennie James) in Season 6. The promo art for “Fear the Walking Dead” doesn’t feature any main characters, but the tagline does send chills – “Fear begins here.” No blood can be seen, and the image of the beach appears calm with the Santa Monica Pier in the background. However, viewers have to take note of the footsteps in the sand. While the left foot print looks normal, the other one is dragging – just like a zombie.

Those attending Comic-Con this year will want to keep an eye out for the cast, which features Dickens, Curtis, Alycia Debham-Carey, Frank Dillane, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Lorenzo James and Ruben Blades. According to Variety, the cast and crew will be attending an exclusive screening and party being thrown by Entertainment Tonight, Tumblr and AMC.  The event is private, but attendees can still go to panels for “Fear the Walking Dead” and “Walking Dead.” Comic-Con runs from July 9 – 12 with a preview night on Wednesday, July 8.

“Fear the Walking Dead” will premiere on AMC in August.