With AMC’s hit “The Walking Dead” taking its midseason break, some are already looking beyond the Season 6 culmination to the show’s companion series “Fear The Walking Dead.” With its second season set to debut at an undisclosed time in 2016, star Cliff Curtis is teasing plot details about what he’s most excited to see when everyone returns. 

As previously reported, the companion prequel series to “The Walking Dead” began filming on an ocean-themed set in Mexico earlier this month. The Season 1 finale ended with Travis (Curtis) and his family of survivors being led to a mysteriously wealthy man’s luxury yacht where, presumably, they plan to ride out the rest of the apocalypse on the water. Fortunately, a video released following the finale confirmed that the setting for the new crop of 15 episodes will indeed take place on the water. However, the new setting isn’t what excites Curtis about returning to the series. 

The mysterious yacht owner is a man by the name of Strand (Colman Domingo). His character played a big part in the finale of the show with his prudent planning and unexpected resources. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor has signed on to Season 2 as a series regular, meaning that he’ll continue to have an impact on the characters and possibly have his back story revealed. The chance to see more of Strand, Curtis told Access Hollywood in an interview, is what he’s most looking forward to in Season 2. 

“[That’s] the funnest character on the show, right now… It feels like he’s from a different world and I think entertainment-wise, I think that’s fantastic, and I’m really, really looking forward to seeing how he develops.” 

Unfortunately, no premiere date has been announced for “Fear the Walking Dead,” but as Den of Geek notes, if AMC was hoping to minimize the gap between the Season 2 finale and the Season 7 premiere of the flagship zombie series, fans could expect “Fear the Walking Dead” to return sometime in June. When the show does return, it will be adding at least one new cast member from its web-series spinoff “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462,” which has been premiering in small installments throughout commercial breaks of “The Walking Dead.” 

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