So far fears encouraged traders to target low-yielding currencies or in other words the dollar and the yen as a refuge currency rather than the euro and the royal pound since that uncertainties remain spread as we start the week on a global scale with on one hand the unsolved debt crisis on the EU soil keep on spreading fears while that on the other hand Italy's borrowing costs rose after the nation sold 3 billion euros ($4.1 billion) of bonds at the highest yield since 1997.

Accordingly, we saw the EURUSD is trading narrow trading on the one and four-hour but dropping significantly on the daily chart with the pair currently at levels of 1.3620 recording a low at 1.3590 and the high at the level of 1.3774, while that momentum indicators show mixed signs on different time charts to therefore be forecasted and is expected to pair trading day between the key support level at 1.3380 levels and the key resistance levels at 1.4205.

As for the sterling against the dollar it is still down in front of the green currency on a daily basis but the husband might lack the momentum to complete the march, the pair currently at levels of 1.5984 with the lowest level at the levels of 1.5879 and the highest level at 1.6075 knowing that the pair is expected today between the pair key support levels at 1.5780 and key resistance levels at 1.6165.

As for the dollar-yen pair, it is trading in a narrow range slash downward on the graph of four hours and a daily level, the pair currently at levels of 77.05, and that, having achieved the lowest level at levels of 76.80 and the highest level at 77.15, and the pair is accordingly it is expected pair today between the main support When levels of 76.10 and key resistance levels at 78.45.