Suspect Detection Systems Inc., a leading developer of counter terror and crime prevention technology, announced after the closing bell yesterday that it has sold the Cogito rapid interrogation system to a federal law enforcement agency in India. This sale was made after the agency’s extensive evaluation of Cogito technology over a period of several months.

According to the press release, the federal agency will utilize the automated rapid interrogation system to gather pre-crime and post-crime intelligence. The system’s interrogation of suspects and consequent gathering of information will be used to help solve crimes that have already been committed, as well as to help prevent potential crimes and terror attacks from taking place in the future.

Situated in an often volatile region bordering Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Myanmar, India has distinctive crime and terror prevention needs. The country has suffered many terror attacks, including a major attack killing more than 170 in Mumbai this past November.

“Our system has been successfully evaluated over several months, with our technology proving its value to law enforcement agencies working to solve and prevent crimes in India,” stated Shabtai Shoval, CEO of SDS Ltd. “We expect that Cogito technology will become an important component in the crime fighting practices of this federal agency; and we are hopeful that Cogito will aid in the prevention of future crimes and terrorist attacks.”

“India is a country that has a growing need for cutting edge crime prevention techniques, and is open to implementing new technologies. This combination has allowed our advanced intelligence gathering solution to penetrate such a strategic market for our company,” Shoval added.

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