It’s been a disappointing college football season for all Alabama fans, but one woman appeared to reach her breaking point during the Sugar Bowl.

An unidentified female Alabama fan was in the middle of watching the Oklahoma Sooners pull off a major upset against the Crimson Tide when she got involved in an argument with the opposing team’s cheering section. Outside of the video itself, details about the incident are virtually nonexistent. However, it’s fair to assume that the Oklahoma fan heckled the woman, and that alcohol was a factor.

At the start of the video, the female Alabama fan singled out a particular Oklahoma fan to be the object of her wrath. She attempted to grab the young man’s face but was pulled away by an older bystander. The woman continued to yell at the Oklahoma fans as she was removed from the scene.

However, at around the :30 second mark of the video, the Alabama fan managed to elude the man’s grasp and launched herself headfirst onto several Sooners fans. She threw several punches before being restrained for a second time. The woman managed to kick an Oklahoma fan several times before she was successfully removed from the situation. Eventually, security arrived to escort her out of the crowd.

It’s unclear when the incident took place, but the Alabama fan’s mood couldn’t have improved much by the end of the game. The Sooners defeated the Crimson Tide by a score of 45-31.

A video of the female Alabama fan’s brawl with several Oklahoma fans can be viewed below.

[h/t Deadspin]