Photo by Flickr, Muffet

No one likes talking about their colon. It's the butt of too many embarrassing colonoscopy jokes.

But, colon cancer gets a lot of press, and practically every box of high-fiber cereal touts its ability to ward off colon cancer and improve colon health.

So, it's no surprise a new study says eating more fiber lowers the risk of colon growths and polyps.

Scientists instructed people to eat a low-fat, high-fiber diet, and after 4 years they found no difference in the rate of polyp recurrence.

Not because it didn't work, but because a lot of people didn't follow the diet. I know, shocking!

However, further investigation, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, revealed people who strictly adhered to the diet had a 30% lower risk of developing a polyp, and a 50% lower risk of getting one or more polyp.

To me, the most interesting part is that 45% of people kind of followed the diet, and 30% barely did. I think they should study what went wrong!