The new FIFA Street, arriving on March 13, is one of the most eagerly anticipated games from EA Sports this year and is expected to be one of the revolutionary and authentic FIFA Streets till date. When the game was first announced in August last year, the fans were promised a true quality street football experience by the game’s line producer Sid Misra. Now it is to be seen if the new game lives up to its expectations and matches the popularity of the current FIFA 12 as it is being developed by the same team behind FIFA 12.

The game is set to feature a host of real-life players from as many as 120 teams from the world's biggest leagues, and 35 locations from around the world that will range from Amsterdam streets to the beach in Rio de Janeiro. The most intriguing thing about these arenas is that each of them will attempt to reflect the style of football played in that country. The game will also become the first game in the series to feature both national and club teams.

“This is a reboot of the FIFA Street franchise, so what you know of FIFA Street 1, 2 and 3, you can forget about it. What we really wanted to do is come out with the first truly great street football experience. There hasn't been one yet. FIFA Street 1, 2 and 3 barely tried, they came out kinda good and then a little bit into the experience, people kinda lost interest. So we wanted really to create a game that had that depth that was missing in the games of the past,” Misra told GameSpot in an interview. “This is the first game that’s going to be built by members of the FIFA team on the FIFA engine… There’s no need to go overtly arcade in street football because when you see some of the cool stuff people can do, they already seems arcadey enough, I don’t need to jump over someone’s shoulders when I can already do some cool stuff with the ball as it is.”

Here’s what you need to know about the game:

World Tour: FIFA Street is set to offer a deeply connected social gaming mode that will enable you to build your own team of street stars, create yourself in game and progress to become the best street team in the world. You will get to compete in tournaments and complete challenges to progress from your local tournaments to the Street Football World Championship in Rio de Janeiro.

You will earn over 100 different styles, tricks and celebrations to grow your player to compete with more style and flair. Moreover, unlock over 225 items for your squad, including team kits, street wear, boots, environments and teams. There is also an option to compete against professional licensed clubs as well as legendary real-life street footballers.

Street Dribble Technique: The Street Dribble is an evolution from FIFA 12’s Precision Dribbling that puts your players in position to face opponents at any moment. It also lets you skillfully handle the ball while keeping the opposition on their heels, and gives you an advantage by putting you in a more dangerous scoring position. However, you will need to utilize close dribble touches in tight spaces, under pressure and even while tackling an opponent.

FIFA Street -- Barcelona

The Street is Your Playground: FIFA Street provides you with a host of playing conditions and arenas. Ranging from parking lots to rooftop arenas, FIFA Street will feature an unrestrained and matchless collection of environments where the world plays street football. There are more than 35 different venues, including iconic favelas of Rio de Janeiro, rooftops of Shanghai, prestigious London city square and lots.

Freedom of Customization: You can now customize matches to replicate the unique ways the game is played around the world. Choose from different sizes of pitches, number of players, and even match types. Take on the challenge of performing trick moves and pannas in a game in Amsterdam, authentic futsal matches in Spain, or a physical 5v5 game with assigned player positions in the UK.

Tournament Mode: Compete in as many as 16 different tournaments where you get connected and play against teams created by other gamers who have been modified based on the gamers’ own style and preferences. Try and step up your game by not just playing against other gamers’ teams, but also against other gamers, going head-to-head online. Also achieve street football superstardom as you play with your created captain and challenge the world’s best with only your skills.

Challenge the Streets: Prepare to complete 20 intimidating street challenges to get the chance to bring other players onto your squad. This also includes real-world street footballers, or stars from your favorite clubs. Play with or against 1-4 players with changeable game rules including Panna Rules – score by kicking the ball through your opponent’s legs, Entertainment Points – winning by entertaining the crowd and Last Man Standing – scoring and losing a man.

FIFA Street -- Karim Benzema

Online Seasons: Be ready to compete with your created team in ranked online play with seasons, promotions and relegation. Build your squad online as you level up your team competing in 5v5, 6v6 or futsal matches. Later, earn enough points to be promoted or avoid relegation. Remember that the game gets tougher than usual as soon as the higher divisions are attained.

Street Networking: FIFA Street will be looking to make every panna, bicycle kick and rainbow flick count. Now you will be able to keep a track of and compare your street football career, World Tour progress and online ranking with your friends to gain the upper hand and most importantly, bragging rights. You could also become the envy of your friends and opponents, or even the victim of ridicule with the evolutionary video upload feature, sharing all the coolest in-game tricks and skills in the Street Network.

Gameplay Engine, Skills and Authenticity: FIFA Street is set to utilize the best features from the critically-applauded FIFA gameplay engine, including the Impact Engine, Precision Dribbling, Personality+ and more. Over 50 never-before-experienced skill moves have been added to beat your opponents and look good doing it at the same time.

Note that FIFA Street will be connected to EA SPORTS Football Club and gamers will be contributing to their Football Club identity.