Be still, “Fifty Shades” fans.

Universal Pictures announced that official first trailer for “Fifty Shades Darker” will be released on Tuesday and if that wasn’t enough, even released a teaser trailer before its debut (above). But before Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) continue their on-screen love story in the extended promo video, we’re listing the top moments we need to see in the trailer for E.L. James’ second “Fifty Shades of Grey” adaptation.

Check out six of the moments we have to see in Tuesday’s promo below! 

The Art Show Kiss –Jose (Victor Rasuk) makes a reappearance in “Darker” and while he won’t forcefully try to win Ana’s love this time around, he’ll show his feelings through his art. When Ana attends his show with Christian, he’ll discover paintings of Ana, which he promptly buys. When he and Ana leave the show, the two share a steamy kiss in an alleyway before officially getting back together. (See a sneak peek here!) Showing a glimpse of the makeup scene would make sense being that when fans last saw Ana and Christian, they were going through a tearful breakup.

Ms. Robinson’s Debut – Fans will be sorely disappointed if they don’t get a peak of the highly anticipated Mrs. Robinson. Jamie Dornan’s character mentions his much older, former BDSM partner in the original, but she’ll come to life, thanks to Kim Basingers’s portrayal, in “Darker.” It’s highly doubtful we’ll get to see the infamous drink toss scene, but hopefully businesswoman Elena Lincoln she’ll make an appearance of some kind.

Masquerade Ball – The official poster for “Darker” (below) reveals Ana’s Masquerade ball look so it’s likely the trailer will include some scenes from the infamous dance. As readers will remember, Ana gets auctioned off for a dance at the event and Christian makes the winning bid. 

Ana’s New Boss – Eric Johnson hasn’t been shy about teasing his involvement in the romance series and with such a big role in the sequel, it’s only fitting fans can a sneak peek of his evil character Jack Hyde in the trailer. Readers will know Ana and her new boss Jack have a face off of sorts at the end of book 2. Will we get to see Ana’s fighting skills in action?

The Proposal – Christian will make a big leap in “Darker” by proposing to Ana. The scene marks the end of the second installment so its unlikely Universal will tease such a big moment, but hey, fans can dream!

Christian’s Submissives – Christian makes it known to Ana in the first movie that he’s had dozens of submissives in his day, pre-Ms. Steele, of course, but one particular “shadowy figure” will come back to haunt him, according to the film’s official synopsis. Set photos show Bella Healtcote’s portrayal of the disturbed Leila Williams, but we’re willing to bet her on-screen performance (including the apartment showdown) will be that much more spooky.

The official trailer for “Fifty Shades Darker” premieres Tuesday at a yet to be revealed time. The movie debuts in theaters Feb. 10, 2017.