Fifty Shades of Grey” star Jamie Dornan is ready to step away from his famous role in the hit franchise.

In an interview with Vulture, the actor was asked to comment about “Fifty Shades” and said that since the filming for “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed” have already concluded, he’s done with franchise. In fact, Dornan is excited to star in “Anthropoid” because his role in the film is very different from his character Christian Grey. In the World War II thriller, Dornan plays the role of an underground operative named Jan Kubis who fights against the Nazis and is as far from a BDSM-loving business tycoon as you can possibly get.

“I think that diversity as an actor is a pretty useful thing to have. You don’t want to be too repetitive. I wouldn’t want to do just those films, I wouldn’t want to do any films where you’re playing the same character all the time, whatever it is. You’ve gotta keep it interesting, and challenge yourself, and do roles that you think are worthwhile and interest you. That can come in all different forms, but you want to make sure that they’re not the same over and over again,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dornan and his “Anthropoid” co-star Cillian Murphy also spoke with Collider about the movie. According to Dornan, they tried their best to remain true to the things that happened in the extraordinary story “Operation Anthropoid,” while still making the film watchable and relatable to the viewers.

Murphy opened up about writer-director-cinematographer Sean Ellis who provided them with everything that they needed to give life to their respective characters flawlessly. “It was fantastic. It really like the three of us were really making this thing together and we’re really in it together,” he said.

“Anthropoid” is slated to hit theaters in the United States on Aug. 12.