EMLYON Business School is rolling out its international programs and creating a new Master's program, entirely in English, to be launched in September 2009. According to Patrice Houdayer, the school's Dean of Graduate Programs, entrepreneurship is an excellent means to fight the rescession.


Our programs offer a distinctively entrepreneurial and international dimension, insists Patrice Houdayer, Dean of Graduate Programs at EMLYON Business School. This ambition can be seen in the launch of its latest program, the Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP).

The GEP will kick off at the start of the school year in September 2009. This unique program is offered by the three most renowned institutes in the field of entrepreneurship on their respective continents: EMLYON Business School in Europe, Babson College in the United States and Zhejiang University in Asia.

This program targets students who wish to be trained in entrepreneurship, whether it be for company startups, international development, or development of subsidiaries, activities or concepts. Before working on an international-scale project, students will first become familiar with other economic and cultural contexts.

Students in the GEP program will build skills to boost their chances for success in an international environment, work in multicultural teams, improve their ability to convince investors, develop their leadership potential and become proficient in a variety of working environments, at both the personal and professional levels.

Students from over 60 countries
In addition to courses that support the startup and takeover of companies, EMLYON places entrepreneurship at the heart of all of its programs - from undergraduate training to continued education - as well as its research. The multicultural campus already brings together students from more than 60 countries at its three sites in Lyon, Geneva and Shanghai.

More than 25% of the school's 3,000 undergraduates are foreign students. EMLYON has signed nearly 100 exchange agreements with partner business schools and universities the world over. In addition, some 40% of the school's professors are foreign nationals.

The economic crisis has made EMLYON's active role even more vital, and the school believes that the international sphere is the natural scope of action for its students. Companies are focusing their strategy on Asia for their entire value chain, including research and development, namely in China and India, Houdayer says.

Some 30% of EMLYON graduates find their first job in a foreign country. The school aims to eventually have an undergraduate student body composed of 50% foreign nationals. It is also planning to send one entire class of the Grande Ecole program to study in Shanghai for a semester.

Facts & Figures
- Over 30% non-French students, representing 60+ nationalities
- 115 permanent faculty members
- 100 foreign partners
- An international network of more than
- 400 experts and visiting faculty
- Three campuses: Lyon, Geneva and Shanghai
- 18,000 alumni over 95 countries

A range of Masters programs
Global Entrepreneurship Program - 3 continents | 3 business schools | 1 focus
One-year Masters of Science program in entrepreneurship, taught fully in English. Students study on three different continents at three institutions internationally recognised as experts in the field of entrepreneurship: Babson (USA), Zhejiang University (China) & EMLYON Business School (France).
www.msc-entrepreneurship.com - gep@em-lyon.com

European Masters in Management - France | UK | Germany
Two-year Masters in General Management + specialisation (finance, marketing, consulting), taught in English. Students study management from a triple perspective: provided by three European institutions: Aston Business School- Birmingham (UK), LMU-Munich (DE) and EMLYON Business School.
www.european-master.com - emm@emlyon.com

International MBA (iMBA)
12-month, full-time MBA program focused on entrepreneurship, taught in English. In line with market demand and current management issues, the iMBA offers the career support and academic knowledge high-potential managers need to reach their career goals.
www.em-lyon.com/imba - imba@em-lyon.com

Masters in Luxury Management & Marketing
One-year Masters of Science program specialised in luxury management and marketing provided by EML Geneva. Students experience the specifics of the luxury industry in France, Switzerland and China, with access to a network of companies.
www.eml-geneva.com - master@em-lyon.com