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  • Britain's Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge arrive for a Christmas Day service at St Mary Magdalene Church on the Royal estate at Sandringham, Norfolk in east England,

    The Royal Baby Is Just Another Reminder That It's Them And Us

    The royal baby is late. This will probably be the first and last time that punctuality will ever be a problem for the child throughout what will be a very privileged life. Really, any later and the child may have to abdicate. But why should we care about the royal baby? The United Kingdom looks to be heading toward a triple-dip recession, which could endanger more jobs and put strain on an already fragile public service sector. Despite all this misery, some 2,013 of the mothers who give birth the same day as Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will be entitled to a silver 1p coin with a value of about $39, or 26 pounds. In total, that’s around 56,000 pounds worth -- or about $84,000 in total. Not much considering that the royal baby is expected to bring in about $400 million for the economy.
  • Hey Florida, How About Revoking Zimmerman's Concealed Carry Permit?

    Now that a Florida jury says it’s legal for armed people to follow unarmed people they deem suspicious-looking, and then shoot them dead in self-defense if tailing them leads to physical confrontation, is it OK to revoke acquitted killer George Zimmerman’s license to carry his Tec 9 pistol on his pants? And is it also OK to point out that Trayvon Martin would be alive today if Zimmerman had not been empowered by the state of Florida to take the gun out of his car (all Floridians are allowed keep guns in cars) and conceal it under his clothes. We’ve all heard the gun rights arguments that assert people have a right to defend themselves, and that gun laws only harm law-abiding citizens while criminals get them by other means. And it’s true.
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    Collecting License Plate Data Is Step On Slippery Slope

    The latest revelation from the American Civil Liberties Union about the vast extent of license plate tracking, pointing out the indefinite retention of millions of sensitive records, is the latest in disturbing news for privacy advocates.
  • Not The Law: The Culture Failed Trayvon Martin

    The George Zimmerman verdict shouldn't really surprise anyone. The case really couldn't have gone any other way; in a situation like this with few witnesses and a lot of conflicting accounts, it is much easier for the defense to put enough reasonable doubt in the jury's minds than it was for the prosecution to do otherwise. The problem, really, has less to do with the specifics of the case and law and a lot more to do with how we apply that law.
  • Trayvon Martin Rally

    Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman: A Different Kind Of Protest Movement

    I generally disliked protest marches until I saw the look of fear and despair on the faces of black mothers at a rally for Trayvon Martin.
  • A hiring sign hangs in a window in Virginia

    Man Experiences Gender Discrimination, Suddenly Realizes It Exists

    I've seen this interesting Tumblr post floating around the Internet lately. The short version is this: A man named Kim applies for jobs, gets a lot of rejections, then tacks 'Mr.' before his name on his resume and suddenly gets interviews.
  • BuzzFeed

    I Can Haz Journalism: The Listicle (And The GIF) As Storytelling Devices

    Can listicles function as a legitimate journalistic form? A tweet from friends forced me to reconsider the issue.