Bioware has announced that “Dragon Age: Inquisition” will be getting its final piece of downloadable content (DLC) next month, called “Trespasser.” Unlike most DLC packs that continue the game’s story, “Trespasser” will act as an epilogue to the game’s story, as it takes place two years after the final events in the game. In addition to the final DLC for the game, a patch will also be released and will have some new features, along with the usual big fixing.

One of the new features from the patch is the Golden Nug, a statue that will let players transfer items across different saved games. According to the game’s official site, players will be able to start syncing these items in different saves once they activate a statue in the Skhold Undercroft. Players will also have to be online in order to activate this feature and for it to be part of the user’s online collection.

The player’s Skyhold now also has a wardrobe with about a dozen outfits, each one with varying colors. Each outfit was apparently designed to please whoever the player’s love interest is. Players will be able to gain access to this by going to their wardrobe once the patch hits.

As for the “Trespasser” DLC, the story pack will only be available once the player has beaten the game, according to GameSpot. The new story will wrap up all loose ends from the main story as it deals with the player’s party, and what their goal is now that the world no longer needs saving. The DLC may also contain hints for what will happen in future games in the “Dragon Age” series.

Fans will gain access to the “Trespasser” DLC on Sept. 18 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. No price for the DLC pack has been given as of this writing. The patch will be free for anyone who has a copy of the game, but there is no definitive release date just yet.

It seems like the DLC and patch will only be for current-gen consoles, as neither the PS3 nor Xbox 360 were mentioned in the announcement. This is not much of a surprise to last-gen gamers, as this version of “Inquisition” has received very little DLC upon release. 

DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Official Trailer – Trespasser (DLC) (Credit: YouTube/Dragon Age)