Over at our TheMarketTrendForecast.com service we have been projecting  a potential rally pivot at 1552-1576 for many weeks now.  The recent drop to 1485 although harrowing, was a normal fibonacci re-tracement of the last major rally leg to 1531 pivot highs.  We believe that this 5 wave advance 1343 pivot lows is nearing an end based on mathematics and relationships to prior waves 1-3.

At 1569 the SP 500 would mark a perfect fibonacci relationships to waves 1-3 for this final 5th wave to the upside.  In the big picture, we are still working higher off the 1010 pivot lows on the SP 500, and this rally takes 5 full waves to complete. We think we are near wave 3 highs, and wave 4 correction would be up next, followed by another thrust to highs if all goes well this year.

That all said, a multi-week correction and consolidation wave 4 pattern is likely once we pivot at 1552-1576.  We should expect this correction to retrace anywhere from 80-100 points on the SP 500, but one week at a time.

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37 tmtf sp 500

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