Finland Finance Minister said that there is evident chance that his country would block a euro-zone aid to Portugal, which may place obstacles and spread doubts about the ability of the region to sustain financial stability.

The situation is getting tighter by the day, Finnish finance ministry adviser Martti Salmi told Reuters. Adding that We got the latest polls yesterday and those who are dead against any aid to Portugal or any increase of guarantees for the EFSF get 48 percent and the others 52 percent, so it is too close to call.

Finland is the only European country that needs to acquire a parliament approval to provide loans from the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF), while other European countries, the government decides.

Finland said that Portugal should restructure its debt with private investor's involvement, rather than acquiring loans from the (EFSF). Election in Finland is scheduled to be held on April 17, with Eurosceptic parties that oppose bailing out Portugal.